INTERO – Big Ass Empty Fridge – O.J.C. Maddogs Groesbeek

INTERO is a harsh metal band in which the “groove” is of great importance. The band was founded in 2005 by bandmembers from the bands Obeah, De Staat and Emperors of the Black. In the beginning there were a lot of NY-hardcore influences in the bands music, but along the way the style became much more metal.

INTERO’s biggest influences are bands like Pantera, Prong, Hatebreed and Machine Head, with every now and than a heavy deathmetal guitar riff and a pinch of nu-metal.

INTERO is most definitely not a band that’s all about blood, skulls and upside-down-crosses. Their lyrics are about individual emotions and frustrations, as well as recent atrocities in the western (media)culture. However, aggression is the most important motive behind their music.

This is recorded at O.J.C. Maddogs Groesbeek on Friday 15 January 2010, the Netherlands.

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