Mars Needs Cheerleaders – The Bloodmoon Doth Arise

Probably my third favorite song of all time.

RIP guys, amazing band.


Taken by frost, lost in time to the myths of men, Count Dracula!

Whose blood flows through your veins?
Blue blood of royals? Their noble daughters?
We have come to make you whole again.

Climbing dark stairways to a castle built of the blackest stone, guarded by hell-hounds, and other beasts not from this world.
They would not harm, they would not wound the ones who only wish to reanimate their darkest lord!

Oh, The Blood Moon Doth Arise, the winds have died. My liege, we bring the gift of life!
Dracula will live again… Dracula will live again!
The belmont clan did wish to keep him in a state of Death, but their blood be shed across the land my lord will live again!

Oh we bathe, in your blackened blood! We are your children, your faithful loyal sons.
Make us immortal for the deeds which we have done! And let us drink, upon your sanguine love!

Dracula will live again!

For three centuries, we had brought him home. Limb by limb, bone by bone! Scattered across the stretch of Europe alone.
So now we need to rebuild our master, make him once again whole.

To meet this goal, we had to stitch him up, limb to limb, bone to bone! Did not stop until every appendage was sewn.
Now well proceed to feed our master, the blood of a virtuous soul!

Bring forth the child of nobility so pure!
By dagger! His heart I procure!

Blood seeps from the chest so profusely, it trickles down into the mouth of my lord. Now we recite our dark incantations!
His sinful heart has found rhythm once more!
Now something stirs behind the eyes of the cadaver. A lustful longing, a hunger for men?
It wont be long before our lord has awakened, our rituals are nearing an end!

And when our lord is finally arisen, we will fulfill our remaining task.
We are to become slaughter for the sacrifice, to be one with our lord at long last.

Love, the emotion that we feel for our undying king.
Fear, our Lord Dracula, and of the death and destruction he brings!

Don’t sue me for putting this up either lol, just want to share one of the greatest Deathcore bands ever.

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