Origin – Endless Cure

Lurid maelstrom, ignite knowledge
Beyond al time
I have to come- to now collect all your souls
Come to me
I’ve come to give sight
Unspoken might
Severed, split – shearing until it divides
To revive
I have come to show you the light
Untangled coil
Life’s spiral – plunging deep into the past
You seek endless life
To since – only to suffer in vain
Now entombed the rest of your life
On the cot, inject – new life into you
All that’s sought, one chance
To take back the time that you lost
Wasting days, careless – then everything changed
No known ways, to cure
What’s been laid out on the table
No more ways
So much pain
Endless days – slowly dying, always
Sleepless plight
Ends in sight
Cannot fight – stem cell harvest, last hope
In the labs – they’re cloning new life
Barbed helix – that’s rendered divine
Requisite – the cells will divide
Slowly bringing – new life
On the slab – infusing new blood
Life signs dead – replace the old parts
You now rise – rebuilt new again
Reborn in your – last day
Cells stored for – rebuilding
Flesh and bone
Organs for harvesting
Brand new souls
Still time will expire
Your new mould
Sheering time
Cannot die
Life owed to – a science
Thankful – to all the efforts that conquered your very death
Now life seems – infinite
You can – rebuild yourself anytime now that you see fit
Life owed to – life’s science
Now forced – to be prepared to re-conquer your every death
Though life seems – infinite
You must rebuild yourself for all time

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About the Author: deathbox