Coroner – Grin [Full Album]

Track listing:

“Dream Path” —
“The Lethargic Age” —
“Internal Conflicts” —
“Caveat (To the Coming)” —
“Serpent Moves” —
“Status: Still Thinking” —
“Theme for Silence” —
“Paralyzed, Mesmerized” —
“Grin (Nails Hurt)” —
“Host” —

Grin is the fifth and most recent studio album by the Swiss thrash metal band Coroner, and was followed by their self-titled compilation album, Coroner. Originally released in 1993, it is the result of the progression of their sound from previous albums, mixed with a more ‘laidback’ and experimental style which features a lot of repetition and longer song lengths, as well as use of ambience and samples in some tracks.

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