Devious – Her Divine – Metropool Hengelo (OV)

Devious is a metal band from Hengelo (O) The Netherlands. Devious combines modern death metal with original thrash roots in a unique way, with an emphasis on groove and variation. This video is recorded at CD Release Show, 11th of may on friday 2012, at Metropool in Hengelo (O) the Netherlands.

Guido de Jongh – Guitar
Dennis Lusseveld – Vocals
Frank Schilperoort – Drums
Wouter Huitema – Guitar
Niels Achtereekte – Bass

“Her Divine” is taken from the album “Wolfhagen” 2012.

Music by Guido de Jongh and Wouter Huitema.

Lyrics by Dennis Lusseveld.

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