Vanderbuyst – Compilation 2 – Luxor Live Arnhem

Note: I’m not the owner of this song so all rights belong to this band and their label. This upload is for promotional purposes only! If you like this band, support them by sharing this upload and by buying their stuff !!!

The trio Vanderbuyst was formed in 2008 by super-guitar hero Willem Verbuyst who you might know from his cult- NWOBHM band Powervice,

Together with drummer Van Esbroek and bassplayer/vocalist Jochem Jonkman, Verbuyst will take you back to the days of Thin Lizzy, UFO, old Iron Maiden and of course Dutch classics like Van Halen and Vandenberg.

Energetic old school hardrock with some NWOBHM influences plus a rough edge but catchy as f•ck.

This is recorded at the Luxor Live Arnhem on 18th of April 2013, the Netherlands.

• Jochem Jonkman – vocal en bass
• Willem Verbuyst – guitar
• Barry Van Esbroek – drums

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