ENDOCRANIAL – Socialism (NEW SONG 2013)

Endocranial now a part of the Family!
Rising Nemesis Records is proud to announce that ENDOCRANIAL has joined the rooster. ENDOCRANIAL is a brutal death metal act from Kiev, Ukraina. “Impact Of Change” will be released begin of October as a Split-Label-Release with Sevared Records (USA). This will be the first full length output of this social critic, atmospheric, blasting Ukrainian barbaric monster. The sound can be described as a mixture of early 2000 brutal death from bands like DEEDS OF FLESH, SEVERE TORTURE and a fresh touch from stuff like INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY, INVERACITY, MISERY INDEX and DYING FETUS.

RNR 016 — ENDOCRANIAL — Impact of Change

1. Baptist
2. Impact Of Change
3. Who fell down – That Food (with Dmitriy Orlov from FETAL DECAY)
4. Socialism
5. Scrap in your brain
6. Endocranial Madness
7. You are Sick
8. Mind Deprivation

Bonus track:
9. Abu Dhabi Donbass (Lev Kurganskiy Drums)*

Feel free to check out the album teaser:

And one complete song “Socialism”

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