Officium Triste – This Inner Twist – Willemeen Arnhem

Note: I’m not the owner of this song so all rights belong to this band and their label. This upload is for promotional purposes only! If you like this band, support them by sharing this upload and by buying their stuff !!!

Officium Triste is a Doom metal band from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They refer to their style often as Rotterdoom. It is largely inspired by bands like My Dying Bride and early Anathema. But the last album is slower and more melodic. The vocals are mostly intelligible death grunts but with occasional clean vocals. Their home-venue is de Baroeg in Rotterdam.

This is recorded at the Willemeen Arnhem on 27th of September 2013, the Netherlands.

Pim Blankenstein – Vocals
Bram Bijlhout – Guitars
Gerard de Jong – Guitars
Lawrence Meyer – Bass
Martin Kwakernaak – Synths (formerly Drums too)
Niels Jordaan – Drums

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