Desecrator “Subconscious Release” (1991) full album ϟ

Band: Desecrator
Album: Subconscious Release
Genre: Death Metal (Old School)
Origin: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Released: 1991


1. Subconscious Release
2. Nothing Changes Anything
3. Ineffectual Condition
4. Repressive Acceptance
5. Killing Joke
6. Insult To Intelligence
7. Deadline
8. The Suffering
Bonus tracks:
9. Exit Through The Weakness
10. Breathe Change
11. Our Division
12. Bleed It’s Character

Current members:

Mike Ford – Vocals, Bass
Steve Ford – Guitars
Steve Watson – Guitar
Lee – Drums

Desecrator was one of the very first death metal bands from the UK. They were formed in 1989, recorded a promo in 1990 and released their only release «Subconscious Release» in 1991, and then disappeared. They played a raw, angry death metal, which is common for underground death metal at the time.

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