Eternal Solstice “The Wish Is Father To The Thought” (1994) full album ϟ

Artist: Eternal Solstice
Album: The Wish Is Father To The Thought
Genre: Old School Death Metal
Year: 1994 (the album was recorded in April 1994 at Excess studio in Rotterdam and released in late summer of 1994.)
Country: Netherlands


1. God In The Flesh
2. Torn Apart
3. Chamber Of The Morpheus
4. Act Of Settlement
5. Blasphemous Sermons
6. Dragged Down To Rot
7. Sleep Of Death
8. Demonic Fertilizer
9. Wrapped In Darkness
10. Outbreak Of Evil (Sodom cover)

The group
Guitar, vocals:
(1989) Philip Nugteren
Bass guitar, vocals:
(1989) Ramon Soeterbroek
(1994) André van der Ree

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