Polluted Inheritance “Ecocide” (1992) full album ϟ

Band: Polluted Inheritance
Album: Ecocide
Style: Technical Death Metal (old school)
Country: Netherlands (Terneuzen, Zeeland)
Release date: November 1992


01. Faces
02. Dissolved
03. Eaten
04. Memories Of Sadness
05. Substance Of Existence
06. Fear
07. Stillborn
08. After Life
09. Rottings
10. Look Inside
11. Ecocided


Menno De Fouw — Bass
Friso Van Wijck — Drums
Erwin Wesdorp — Guitars
Ronald Camonier — Vocals / Guitar

Very interesting and original group unfairly being in the shadow of his more famous countrymen (Pestilence, Phlebotomized).

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