Euphoric Defilement-Profanatory Revelations(PROMO)

Promo 2016 was Recorded by Euphoric Defilement.. Engineered,mixed and mastered by Chris Garcia at The Morgue Studios.

All Music Written by Euphoric Defilement

Lineup for this recording

Mike Gamboa – Vocals
Juan Hernandez – Guitar
Frank Zelada – Guitar
Zakk Olds – Bass
Gabe Lopez – Drums

No quantized or sound replaced drums we’re used in this recording.


——Profanatory Revelations—–

Light the pathways to sorrow
Ring the Brass Bell
Prepare an alter for arrival
Ascend into Grace the gong is struck
The presence is visceral ….breaking away
In time the structure will collapse …
Bringing upon our doom in the worst form …desecrate !The bodies painted in soot. Skulls Blackened by the ashes
Adorn the entrance Crackling Pieces of Flesh and Torches
Lighting the Pathway to Sorrow
Arriving upon the Foot of the Steps
Kneel before its Grace Kneel before the throne accept the punishment
You’re Gored by the Claws
it possesses
bastard creations deceiving all trust
Acid seeping into the body
Clinging to Life as it slips
Between your melting Fingers
As Serpent’s & Ghouls Chant
Hail to the Punisher!Hail to the Leviathan!
No returning from this path!
Chalice brimming with your soul I take to slake my thirst Vascular Acid injection…inject hate.Piercing eye sockets with thumbs Boiling intensely inside their veins
Corrosive consuming puss ……Making its way into Vital Organs
Coarsening through bodies as it Singes, Blisters beneath their Righteous skin

Satisfaction in my deeds !
Holding your melting face !
Power of the Damned ! Overcomes!
Holding you’re melting face!!
Excreting vital organs!!
Holding it as it bleeds!!!
Exploding sacks of Serum !!

Boiling intensely inside our veins
chalice brimming with our souls
All Masses buried in the soil
Injected punishment …kneel before the throne!!
Desecrate the offensive.

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