Cognitive-Birthing the Deformity(OFFICIAL VIDEO)

“Birthing the Deformity” comes from Cognitives sophomore album , “Deformity” out 10/28/2016 world wide on Unique Leader Records

” Birthing The Deformity” describes the nightmare that is the beginning of existence for The Great and Terrible Horror that dwells in vast and desolate barrens. We agreed that the best way for us to portray the abominable actions that may have taken place that night was to film in the fabled forest itself.

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Director : Jorel Hart , Anthony Berenato Jr., and Cognitive

Editor – Anthony Berenato Jr.

Cognitive is –

Ian K. Bainbridge – Bass

Jorel Hart – Vocals

Armen Koroghlian – Drums

Harry Lannon – Lead Guitar

Rob Wharton – Guitar

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