Inanimate Existence-Calling from a Dream(FULL ALBUM)

Inanimate Existence-Calling from a Dream full album.

1. Calling from a Dream 0:00
2. The Arcane Crystal 5:02
3. The Shore of Rising Shadows 7:49
4. Pulse of the Mountain’s Heart 11:10
5. Upon Whirling Winds 17:44
6. Dreaming of New Beginnings 21:59
7. Beneath the Mist 25:43
8. Falling into Malice 29:41
9. Burial at Sea 32:42

Taylor Wientjes: Vocals
Joel Guernsey: Guitar
Cameron Porras: Guitar / Vocals
Scott Bradley: Bass
Ron Casey: Drums
Adrianna Tentori: Vocals
Steve Marshall: Flute
Music by Joel Guernsey and Cameron Porras
Lyrics by Cameron Porras
All songs performed by Inanimate Existence
Artwork and layout by: Parin Cashmony
Guitar, bass engineered by: Cameron Porras
Drums,vocals and additional instruments engineered by Zack Ohren at Sharkbite studios in Oakland, CA
Mix and mastered by Zack Ohren

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