Cognitive-Haunted Justice(OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

“Haunted Justice” comes from Cognitives sophomore full-length album “Deformity” out worldwide 10/28/16 via Unique Leader Records. Keep an ear out for Mark Kloeppel of Misery Index who did 2 guest on this track.
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Cognitive recorded and mixed the album at Full Force Studios with Joe Cincotta who also produced the other two releases by the band as well as other heavy hitter influences such as Suffocation, Internal Bleeding and Dehumanized. But “Deformity” was Mastered at West West Side Studios by Alan Douches (Cannibal Corpse, Converge, Black Breath, Mastodon etc.)

Cognitive enlisted Par Olofsson for the album artwork, who’s magnificent pieces can be found throughout the metal and death metal world. Animation of the video was done by Scott Rudd who’s videos are also very well known.

Track listing for “Deformity”

1. Awakening The Miscreation
2. Birthing The Deformity
3. Haunted Justice
4. Beneath The Floorboards
5. The Forgotten
6. Dead Soil
7. The Cull
8. Wraiths
9. Merciless Forest

Catch Cognitive on tour this fall for the “Birthing the Deformity” tour in support of the new album “Deformity”

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