INTERO – Footage – Brigant Arnhem 2016 “Roest”

Huge sounding, low tuned metal, with a strong emphasis on groove, this is what INTERO is all about. This band from Nijmegen Rock City was founded in 2005 by members of Obeah, De Staat and Emperors. When INTERO first started their music was heavily influenced by New York Hardcore, but over time their style became more and more metal, which resulted in a sound that can be compared to bands like Pantera Prong, Hatebreed and Machine Head, with a hint of death metal and nu metal. The subjects of the lyrics range from abhorrent activities in the western world to personal frustrations. In 2011 the latest EP of the band was released, entitled ‘On A Deathgroove’. The EP was received very well by reviewers from Aardschok, Zware Metalen and Lords Of Metal.

This is recorded with permission of INTERO at Brigant in Arnhem on 22th of October 2016, the Netherlands.

Note: I’m not the owner of this song so all rights belong to this band and their label. This upload is for promotional purposes only! If you like this band, support them by sharing this upload and by buying their stuff !!!

Armand: drums
Ralluf: vocals
Tjeerdenator: guitar & backing vocals
Tinus: bass

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