So This Is Suffering-Dreameater(OFFICIAL VIDEO)

So This Is Suffering-Dreameater official video taken from their upcoming February 24th release Palace of the Pessimist.

Produced by First Degree Entertainment.


Fighting through everything you’ve ever known.
No self control. Born into a world, with unborn souls. Never wanting to turn back, but still you’ll end up worst than before.

You’ll never see through your disguise.
You’re all weak, shut up and hide.
Can you taste the air?
I can smell the fear right from your flesh.

Love me or hate me. Self absorbed.
Utter useless, grotesque, so exult.

Insecurities build deep.
Unwanted. Lost inside.
Wondering was it all worth it.

Regretted in defeat (x2)

Every word that’s been said.
Wasted thoughts in my head.
I will never be the same.
Dominated and fed. (x2)

Created on its own
There’s no one to blame.
Down the line it’s empty.
Just a shallow road.
no cure for addiction
Nothing to hope for (x2)

A past with no future, is a life with no gain.
Living at your worst, expecting nothing.
Vivid dreams reoccurring
a never ending scene.
a small memory.
Digging in deep.

Was it all for nothing?
Am I all for nothing?

Forced to be led by all the signs and riddles
Carry my burden of shame on this empty road.

Was it all for nothing?
Am I all for nothing?

Forced to be led by the signs and riddles
Make my way to the unknown
Reach for answers inside me
Take my fate below.

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