Official ErhanLiveMetal Promo Video

ErhanLiveMetal is a Dutch Rock & Metal Support Channel.

ErhanLiveMetal has been filming and uploading live metal videos on YouTube for years. Usually with permission or on request from the band/concert-stage but not always.

Here are some of the bands that I’ve filmed with permission from them: Vreid, Annihilator, Texas Hippie Coalition, Iskald, MaYaN, Cirrha Niva, Hail of Bullets, Apophys, The Monolith Deathcult, Devious, The 11th Hour, Erebus, Moribund Oblivion, DeadHead, Officium Triste, Martyr, 3rd Machine, Project Pain, Thrashcan, Bring On The Bloodshed, Intero, Diggeth…

ErhanLiveMetal also films on festivals and there are movies from festivals such as: Dynamo Open Air, Sonisphere, Fields of Rock, Zwarte Cross, FortaRock, Dokk’em Open Air, Wâldrock, Elsrock, Geldersch Metal Treffen, Springstof Festival, Hedon Zwaar…

The purpose of this channel is to support the bands being filmed, and if you like any of these bands then I recommend going to their website and take a look at the store to buy some music and merchandise!

Thanks to Project Pain, Apophys, Diggeth, Dark Funeral, Venom, Thrashcan, Moribund Oblivion and Bring On The Bloodshed for allowing me to use your footage. Also thanks to Project Pain for the old-school thrash intro!

Thanks to Sebastiaan Spiker from “Ik wil ook een videoclip” for making this video. I also want to thank all of you for the great support!!! Cheers !

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