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(6. HOSTAGE 00:01 & 7. SPECIMEN 01:26)

Time to update you about the Mindful Of Pripyat/Stench of Profit grindcore split before to unleash the first real previews in the next few days.
First of all release date is set for MARCH 1st, 2017 for all the formats which will be MCD/12″ and DIGITAL.
The Vinyl version will have a limited run of 100 pieces. We will show you later something more about this.
The split Ep, which clocks around 22 mins, has been recorded and mixed at Mal De Testa Studio & Toxic Basement Studio. Mastered also at Toxic Basement Studio which did a jawdropping job! But you know the guy, so why expecting something less than this?

Here’s the tracklist:
Mindful Of Pripyat:

1. Resigned
2. Statement Of Dominion
4. Shrapnel Rain
5. Behind The Judgement
6. Hostage 00:01
7. Specimen 01:26
8. Civilization Comes Civilization Goes
9. Mutant Genoma

Stench of Profit

1. Intro
2. Forced Control
3. Fuck You! You Are Nothing
4. Mental Depravation
5. Pathological Bastard
6. Daily Hatred
7 . Know your Shit Or Live In Ignorance
8. Calve Fast
9. Divine Education
10. The Small Minded
11. World’s Human Rudeness
12. No Sense
13. Torture Bliss
14. How Will You Talk After I Cut Your Tongue?
15. The dance Of Deceit
16. Regression Index
17. Passive State
18. Outro

All music and lyrics by the bands except a cover, can you guess which one from the tracklist?
Sleeve artwork by an amazing TOO MANY SKULLS (by Raf The Might).
Suggested to fans of Terrorizer, Assück and Phobia.

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