The Lucifer Principle – Angelfest 2017 Doetinchem – Footage

This grooving monstrous deathmetal machine brings something new to the table, The Lucifer Principle delivers oldschool deathmetal with a newschool sound. The ultra heavy grooves are underlined by a pumping bass and stomping guitar riffs.

This is recorded at the Angelfest (Café De Engelenbak) on 28th of January 2017 in Doetinchem, the Netherlands.

Note: I’m not the owner of this song so all rights belong to this band and their label. This upload is for promotional purposes only! If you like this band, support them by sharing this upload and by buying their stuff !!!


2004 Burn (demo)
2005 Flamethrower (demo)
2007 Pitch Black Dawn (full lenght)
2009 Welcome to Bloodshed (full lenght)
2013 TBA (full length)

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