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Now is the time of prophecies untold,
sublimation of blind restless pain
for this moment will eternally last
I’m the reek in the lust of new world
Indulge in the scent of blood,
of rotten flesh golden wings
In the lines between words
Preaching my will, your dreams, my void
Middle ground between naïve dimensions
I preach violence
I recreate torture chambers
sealed from outside with gods’
Now, bleed
Watch me reborn!
How did we end here? It escapes my memory
How did we end here? Visions and medium are becoming flesh
How did we end here? Now heed the voice of your wounds
Call me, call me “Never”
Call me, call me “Now”
Cry, as your ages are dying
Disease is flesh
This is fire
I see your ages dying, as word become flesh
Invasive probe washing history with blood
Canvas for the crayons, for the children to come
Watch me paint and celebrate the suffering delight
I am the adveniens,
Future of the past

Hideous Divinity third album “Adveniens” will be out via Unique Leader Records on April 28th. First preview track and pre orders will be available soon! Outstanding art by Vladimir “Smerdulak” Chebakov.


1 Ages Die 6.46
2 Sub Specie Aeternitatis 4.20
3 Passages 7.28
4 Angel Of Revolution 5.51
5 Feeding Off The Blind 5.00
6 When Flesh Unfolds 3.29
7 Messianica 3.46
8 Future In Red 5.12
9 Embodiment Of Chaos (Sinister cover) 6.11

Guitarist Enrico S. states:

“This is our all-in choice as first single from ‘Adveniens’. Our new manifesto, our latest epiphany, the limbo between what has been our previous life and the future that awaits HIDEOUS DIVINITY -and bear with us, there’s much more to see… and hear. The soundtrack to smoking ruins we witness before being carried away, just like the Angelus Novus, just like the Adveniens himself. Experience with us the future of the past.”

“ Stefano Morabito and his 16th Cellar Studio set up a new standard with the production of Adveniens,” he continues. “Never before has our sound reached such a level of uncompromising intensity without sounding forced or overproduced. The maniacal efforts made to perfect every single drum beat, vocal line and guitar chord almost caused a nervous breakdown but it truly paid off.”

“The entire album is a reflection on history and time, on the succession of futile ages, on the role of the poet as soothsayer and witness of the winds of time erasing each one of these ages from the face of the earth. A reflection on Walter Benjamin predicting the ‘adveniens’ of David Cronenberg, on Professor O’Blivion predicting an era when ‘all of us will have special names.’ Adveniens is a violent reflection on art.”

Special thanks to Saudith Mendoza from Spectral Blasphemy for helping me make this video!

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