Internal Bleeding-Final Justice(OFFICIAL VIDEO)

“Rest in Peace Our Brother William “Bill” Tolley.
Drummer. Brother. Firefighter. Hero, Friend.
Life will never be the same without him.
We love you, Bill.
Slam On.”

All music written and arranged by Internal Bleeding
Lyrics by Chris Pervelis, Chris McCarthy and Joe Marchese
Recorded at Down the Drain Studios, Ronkonkoma New York
Produced by Internal Bleeding and Frank Bones
Mastered by Tsun Tsun Productions

Video Credit:
Washed Up Media
Sean Ageman ;

“Final Justice” takes the patented Internal Bleeding sound into new, more intense levels. It’s still filled with all the hooks, slams and grooves you’ve come to expect from the godfathers of slam, but at the same time, it’s more sophisticated, sharper and focused than anything they’ve done previously. From a recording standpoint, the band focused on achieving a very “live” sound by eschewing the heavily edited, paint by numbers productions that are so prevalent today. “We really focused on the basics,” said guitarist Chris McCarthy, “just get on your instrument, beat the holy hell out of it, and try and nail it in one goddamn take.” “We wanted to bottle the live energy we’re known for and try and get it on a recording,” added guitarist Chris Pervelis, “and hopefully we achieved that with this recording.” “Final Justice” is just a small preview of what’s to come on Internal Bleeding’s next release, Corrupting Influence — an album that will continue where their last album, the critically acclaimed Imperium, left off.

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