Deaden – Hymns of the Sick (1998)

Deaden were a Old School Brutal Death metal band from Chicago, USA.
They born in 1992 and split up in 1999, in 2004 the band was reformed but split up again in 2006. DEADEN STILL WORKING TO A NEW ALBUM!!!

They release a lot of stuff in those years, this is the first full lenght called “Hymns of the sick”, released in 1998. Probably my favorite album EVER.


1- Ejaculation to a Rotting Orifice
2- Sculpted in Flesh
3- John’s List
4- Subconscious Holocaust
5- He wore the Flesh
6- Butchered Whore
7- Genocide by Asphyxiation
8- Land of Larvae
9- Stretched

Enjoy this masterpiece.

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