3RD ATTEMPT Ødemark Interviewed Dec 17 2017 TMB MMR Int

After making the decision to leave a big name band like Carpathian Forest, guitarists Tchort (Green Carnation) and BloodPervertor (Apostasy) set off to find the enthusiasm and creativity that they felt had been lacking for so long by forming a brand new band that was to become The 3rd Attempt.

Vocalist Kaahrl Ødemark (ex-Midnattsvrede, ex-Necrocave) and drummer Tybalt (Fortid, Den Saakaldte) came on board, and the band quickly released their debut full-length album “Born in Thorns”, a smorgasbord of Thrash and Black’n’Roll with an old-school Black Metal vibe that had fans clamoring to hear, and see, more from the band.

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