EVOCATION Marko Palmén Interviewed Jan 7th 2018 on TMB MMR Int

When we talk about death metal or melodic death metal we must mention Sweden for sure one of the countries that have seen the born of great bands in the scene like; Entombed – Grave – At The Gates – Vomitory – The Haunted – In Flames – Dark tranquility – Amon Amarth – Unleashed – Arch Enemy and many more.

Among of the list of the greatest bands in this metal style we must add the name of “EVOCATION” but even Though their first full length Album “Tales from the Tomb” hitted the shelves in the last part ’00s, Evocation has actually been around since 1991 (the band broke up in 1993 and reformed in 2005).

Mark the band starting line up back in 19 was ; Janne Kenttakumpu Drums – Vesa Kentakumpu Guitars, Bass – Marco (Wacker) Palmén Guitars – and Thomas Josefsson as the lead Voclas but during that same years Christian Saarinen joined the band where he took the Bass slot over.

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