BIRDFLESH “MASTER OF VIOLENCE” (Official Streaming Video)

Taken from the Album “Night Of The Ultimate Mosh”
Reissue date: February 8th 2018

Track 1-8 recorded in May 2001 at Euphony Studios by Mattias Slask
Track 9-22 recorded between December 2001 and January 2002 at Euphony Studios by Mattias Slask
Track 1-22 mixed and mastered by Mattias Slask
Track 23 recorded, mixed and mastered by Jimmy Lindqvist in Bloodshed Studio between September and October 2014
Re-master by Carlo Altobelli at Toxic Basement Studio
All songs written by Birdflesh
All lyrics by Smattro Ansjovis

Violin violence on “Above, Where Are You?” by Smattro Ansjovis
Excellent keyboards on “Gore In Gore Out” and “Night Of The Ultimate Mosh” by Moshbastard
Lead acoustic guitar on “Dance On The Frozen Desert” by Smattro Ansjovis
Melodies of Satan on “Carmolesting Dead” by Johan Jonasson
Rhythm acoustic guitar, bass and drums on “Dance On The Frozen Desert” by Tobbe “six feet” Ander
Clarinette on “Suicide Maniac” by Father Apostolos Mitroulis
Guest vocals on “The Rolling Massgrave” by Cabbe Castervall
Backing vocals on “Night Of The Ultimate Mosh” by Jörgen Kalashnikov Örnhem
Backing vocals on “Bowelthrasher” and “Victim Of The Grind” by Mr. Jones and Åskvovve
Necrobarber could not make it because he lost his head

Artwork & external layout by Luis Sendon

Achmed Abdulex – guitar, backing vocals
Smattro Ansjovis – drums, vocals
Moshbastard – bass, backing vocals


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