IN VAIN Sindre Nedland Interviewed Feb 18 2018 on TMB MMR Int w/t Vampire

Since making their impressive mark with two early EPs, the Norwegians Kristiansand band “In Vain” has continually exposed the metal world to a form of aggressively inventive progressive extreme metal veined by diverse flames of melodic and impassioned persuasion which is persistently impacting for thoughts and inciting upon emotions.

Johnar Håland – Guitars & Backing vocals (2003–present)
Andreas Frigstad – Lead vocals (2003–present)
Sindre Nedland – Vocals & Piano/Organ/Keyboards (2003–present)
Stig Reinhardtsen – Drums (2005–present)
Alexander Bøe – Bass guitar, Backing vocals (2013–present)
Kjetil Pedersen – Guitars & Backing vocals (2010–present)

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