FORBIDDEN SEED Constantin Maris Interviewed Mar 25 2018 on TMB MMR Int

Forbidden Seed started in the mind of Constantin Maris about 10 years ago! With the catalytic help of Nik Rock, Constantin wrote the first material.Over the years of non stopping work on the songs and the musical direction of the band enough material was written.Due to several misfortunes over the years the band failed to release an album.Soon after Nik Os and Mike Verros joined the band the summer of 2013 they start recording the first album.With the contribution of George Matikas on the lead guitars the band released their first official album with Roar Records.

Integrantes del grupo
Constantin Maris : Guitars (Studio) & Vocals
Nik Danielos : Bass
George Matikas : Guitars
Kostas Matis : Drums

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