Thirst Of Revenge Sinner Full Album 2018

Band:Thirst Of Revenge
Song:You Were Always A Loser
Release:March 15 2018
Genre: [Brutal Death] [Metal]
Country:Fuenlabrada, Madrid
Format:Mp3 Player,
Label:Pathologically Explicit Recordings, Gore Sick Records, Comatose Music, Morbid Generation Records,

© 2018 All Copyright Musician by [Thirst Of Revenge] [Pathologically Explicit Recordings] [Gore Sick Records] [Comatose Music] [Morbid Generation Records]

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Tracks For The Full Album

2-Nobody Knows How You Are 4:20
3-Corrupted Inside Without Own Personality 7:28
4-Forgiven Or Condemned 12:36
5-You Will Live Alone And Will Die Alone 15:11
6-Eradication Of Desires 18:00
7-Devourer Of Sins 21:24
8-Kneel And Ask Forgiveness 25:36
9-Never Forget Yours Sins 29:18

Bands Records: [Carlos Mejias]

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