Cryptic Enslavement Perverse Hallucinatory Descent Full Album 2018

Band:Cryptic Enslavement
Album:Perverse Hallucinatory Descent
Song:Visions of Disembowelment
Release:March 30 2018
Genre: [Brutal Death Metal]
Country:Nanaimo, BC
Format:Mp3 Player,
Label:Gore House Productions

© 2018 All Copyright Musician by [Cryptic Enslavement] [Gore House Productions]

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Tracks For The Full Album

2-Demented Deception 3:08
3-Walking Despoilment 8:01
4-Knuckle Ground 11:58
5-Fist of Fury 17:05
6-None Shall Escape 21:10
7-Orgy of Atrocity 24:36
8-Intravenous Fate 28:53

Bands Records:•(Jackson H) (vocal)•
•(Mark O) (Bass)•
•(Yue H) (guitar)•
•(Scott P) (drums)•
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