Alone With R Kelly A Realm Not Designed For Man’s Presence Full EP 2018

Band:Alone With R Kelly
Album:A Realm Not Designed For Man’s Presence
Song:The Frill Of A Styracosaurus Adorned With Human Entrails
Release:April 1 2018
Genre: [Slamming Brutal Death Metal]
Format:Mp3 Player,
Label:Self Release

© 2018 All Copyright Musician by [Alone With R Kelly] [Self Release]

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Tracks For The Full Album

2-Corpses Collected For Feeding The Nest Of A Massive Carcharodontosaurid Female 6:06
3-Carnage Of The Abelisaurids 12:04
4-Gutted By Dromaeosaurs 15:30
5-Tracked Through The Floodplains By A Tarbosaurus 21:48

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