“Perception of Time” by Dracaris

“Perception of Time” by Dracaris, off the upcoming album Nowhere. Dracaris.com Hard driving, head banging metal!!!
Perception of Time lyrcs
Time as we know it
Is 1of 4 dimensions
We remember three
It’s time we forget to mention

Traveling along our world line
A universal road through space time

Remembering different facts
The future is what attracts
The past will always distract
Events causing us to react
Spiraling out of control
Dealing with the same rigmarole
The passage of time takes its toll
But we try our best to cajole

Spacetime does not evolve it just simply exists
But within this sinking feeling change will always persist
Events throughout our world line do not go away
No matter what we say a due time won’t be swayed

Time… Won’t… Be… Swayed…….

Time it won’t
Time it can’t
Time we try
Time it won’t be swayed

Recorded by Matt Slagle at Slags Studios. Live photos taken by Joshua Koerner.

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