Fatuous Rump | The Dark Coming Inside Now
Menstrual Disconsumed | Feminism False Define
Abdicate | Rejoice In Depredation
Pighead | State of Absolute Misery
Carnal Decay | Your Guts My Glory
Maggot Colony | Translocation Of Inhumanity
MDMA | Distilled In Hydrochloric Hatred
Intracranial Purulency | Quenched By Prostatic Fluids
Necroexophilia | Hyperspace Homicide
Fetal Bleeding | Consuming Human Flesh Malediction
Flesh | Intestinal Strangulation
Immense | Flesh Prostitute Organs
Today The Sun Dies | Torment of the Flesh
Innergrave | Okeiakaokeciuku
Analepsy | Rifts to Abhorrence

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