AURA NOIR Aggressor Interviewed May 13th 2018 on TMB MMR Int.

Aura Noir a band geared towards thrash connoisseurs with active minds and mean spirits, the band stand at the fore of metal’s definitive genre in an age where the underground is utterly besotted with bands. These Norwegian thrash stalwarts don’t so much tread the line between savagery and sophistication as stomp upon it, showering dirt in the faces of lesser acts with each smoldering crater (Creeiter) of an album.

Formed in Oslo, Noway in 1993 Aura Noir are an extremely fucking good blackened thrash metal band, comprised of 3 talented individuals that have shown their quality in various other projects like: “Satyricon”, “Ulver”, “Virus”, “Immortal”, “Soul Lamented”, “Mayhem”, “Nader Sadek” ,“Ava Inferi”.
Aggressor – Bass, VocalsApollyon – Drums, VocalsBlasphemer – Guitar

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