WORMLIGHT Tiamat Invictuz Interviewed June 9 2018

Wormlight as a band began as melodic black metal band from Umeå, Sweden. The band was formed in 2014 under the name Unhallowed by King Antichrist (Drums) and Deafeathered (Guitar) . Soon Lator Mortis (Guitar) joined them and they recorded and released their rst demo/Ep “An Ancient Enemy” that same year.

Shortly after the release Arktos joined the band on Bass.

In 2015 Deafeathered left the band and the band reached out to Tiamat Invictuz whom joined the band in time for the recording of the “Blood elds” Ep.After the recording of the Ep Nordlyst left the band and Tiamat Invictuz took up the vocals as well as guitar. At the same time a name change was made to Wormlight, as well as changes in lyrical themes.

And after the first re release of their EP Bloodfields which gave listeners a glimpse of what to expect from the northern warriors they are now returning 2018 stronger than before with their new album Wrath Of The Wilds set for worldwide release 2018.

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