Devin Townsend interview on the Metal Magdalene with Jet

Devin Townsend is a Canadian born singer, song writer, producer who has been in the music business over 25 years. In his time he has released over 20 albums and has traveled the world playing for sold out crowds. World renown artists have worked with him and he has produced music for them as well. Starting off with Strapping Young Lad with Gene Hoglan as his drummer to many solo projects and more. He has since recently laid DTP to rest with one of the final shows being played in the Ancient Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the landmark Ocean Machine album in full. he has earned the respect of both listeners and musicians across the globe for his dedication to his craft and producing the music he loves and having a great time along the way always keeping a great sense of humor. We were lucky enough to be able to welcome him back on “The Metal Magdalene with Jet” radio show on Metal Messiah Radio for an exclusive interview to talk about the new live album and the end of DTP.

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