Drummer Gus Rios of “Create A Kill” Interview on The Metal Magdalene

Drummer Gus Rios( Gruesome. ex- Malevolent Creation) was the guest on The Metal Magdalene with Jet radio show on Metal Messiah Radio to talk about his project “Create A Kill” “Old school extreme thrash featuring Gus Rios ( Gruesome, ex Malevolent Creation), Alex Marquez( Solstice,Pessimist, ex Malevolent Creation) , Daniel Gonzalez(Possessed, Gruesome) and guest drummers Dirk Verbeuren( Megadeth, ex Soilwork) and Tobias Gustafsson (Cut Up, Vomitory)”. Create A Kill has a new album out on Repulsive Echo Records called “Summoned To Rise”

This show was also part of the “Summer of Drummers” series and Gus talks about his style of playing drums and more.


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