INFERI/OUBLIETTE Mike Low & OUBLIETTE Todd Harris interviewed July 14th 2018

OUBLIETTE & INFERI Mike Low Interviewed July 14th, 2018 By the Vampire Metal Bloodshed Metal Messiah Radio International.

“INFERI” is a melodic death metal band that empowers their music with crushing techni-cality and creative songwriting, creating something truly epic. Hailing from Nashville, Tennesee, formed in 2006.
The band currently consists of five members. Malcolm Pugh (A Loathing Requiem, ex-Enfold Darkness, ex-Diskreet), the only original member still left in the band, does guitars. Mike Low (Oubliette, ex-Enfold Darkness) is their second guitarist. The bass is played by Joel Schwallier (Kossuth, ex-Dawn of Dementia) and the drums are played by Spencer Moore (Phobos). Sam Schneider (Abyss Walker, ex-Adelaide) does the vocals.

The band has also seen some lineup changes, with new additions including Joel Schwallier (Dawn of Dementia, Kossuth) on bass and Sam Schneider (Abyss Walker) on vocals.

The band has gone to releasing 4 albums in total: Divinity in War (2007), The End of an Era (2009), The Path of Apotheosis (2014), and Revenant (2018). (Revoneent)

“Revenant” was released on April 21st via The Artisan Era.

1. Within the Dead Horizon
2. Condemned Assailant
3. A Beckoning Thrall
4. Through the Depths
5. Enraged and Drowning Sullen
6. Thy Menacing Gaze
7. Malevolent Sanction
8. Smolder in the Ash
9. Behold the Bearer of Light

“Revenant” is a truly beautiful journey of melodic yet technical riffage, relentless drumming and amazing vocal work with an epic story that brings the whole package together.

“OUBLIETTE” came to life in 2011 as a studio project started by husband and wife duo, Mike Low (Inferi) and Emily Low. Over time the group gained a full line-up and released their well-received debut album Apparitions in 2014.

“OUBLIETTTE”, American masters of melodic black/death metal are back four years after the release of their acclaimed debut album Apparitions and proudly present to you the next album “The Passage” through the label The Artisan Era and will be released on July 13th, 2018.

01. A Pale Innocence
02. The Curse
03. Solitude
04. Elegy
05. Emptiness
06. The Raven’s Lullaby (Lolabye)
07. Barren
08. The Passage

The sound of The Passage brings me to bands like Dissection, Alcest and early In Flames. This is a brilliant album, full of melancholy and beauty, with fast passages of black metal and a good dose of melodic death metal.

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