FERUM TEASER (“Vergence” Teaser Video)

Excerpts taken from the upcoming “Vergence” EP out December 14th 2018.

A morbid new creature arises from the Italian lands. Devoted to DEATH & DOOM and carrying the torch of Darketa, Cianide, Temple of Void, Coffins and the likes, Ferum delivers 5 hymns of filth on their debut EP!
For fans of Derketa, Cianide, Temple Of Void and Coffins

Release date: December 14th 2018 (MCD/DIGITAL)
[BUY MCD] https://goo.gl/5zp7sv
[BUY DIGITAL] coming soon

Music and lyrics by Samantha except “Funeral” by Cianide
Arrangements by Ferum
Etchings and graphics by Inchiostro Lisergico
Recorded in August 2018 at Art Distillery Studios
Mixed and mastered at Toxic Basement Studio
Guest vocals in Perpetual Distrust by Marko Neuman (Convocation, Dark Buddha Rising)
Feedback sample in Subconscious Annihilation recorded at Monumental Cemetery of Messina
“Ed è subito sera” poem by Salvatore Quasimodo



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