Astaroth Incarnate • Re-Creation (Official Music Video)

Astaroth Incarnate are an Extreme Metal band formed in October 2013 in Toronto. A solid 5-piece unit who all share the same vision; the vision of bestowing the ideologies of Astaroth to our hell spawns through our interpretations and relating them to our world and society of today. Our goal is to create extreme metal which feels limitless in its creative form while staying true to our roots and influences in metal.

“Re-Creation” is the closing track from the band’s latest album, “Omnipotence – The Infinite Darkness”, released by CDN Records.

Video Credits:
Footage Shot by Réka Barti
Footage Edited by Trevor Ziebarth
Make up by Courtney Evers
On Stage Performance – Krystle Lee, Ashley Williams & Estelle Rheaume

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