Engraved – Arterectomy (Studio Edit)


-YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCbwIRhP6Lw0gh8tMj1p3nMA
-Facebook: facebook.com/Engravedband

We are Dutch Brutal Death Metal Thrash and welcome to our YouTube channel.

DB’s (short for Dutch Brutal Death Metal Thrash) is an online promotional platform that promotes Dutch Metal in every way possible.
We do reviews of Dutch releases throughout the years and try to promote the Dutch metal scene as much as possible.

Our media-platforms are:

Facebook: facebook.com/dutchbrutaldeathmetalthrash
Website: dutch-brutal-death-metal-thrash.webnode.nl
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCK-MYUM84DmnW6mKXWG3fQQ
Instagram: instagram.com/dutchbrutaldeathmetalthrash/

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