VHS/Goremonger/Organ Trail – “Tales of Horrific Mayhem” 3-Way Split Teaser

Released April 19th, this 12-track split is now available in our web shop: https://cdnrecords.com/shop/vhs-goremonger-organ-trail-tales-of-horrific-mayhem/

“Tales of Horrific Mayhem” is a brutal 3-way split featuring 80s horror-inspired metal from VHS, depraved underground cybergrind from Goremonger, and gore/horror-influenced death grind from Organ Trail.

Check out each band/artist:
VHS – https://www.facebook.com/vhsthunderbay/
Goremonger – https://www.facebook.com/Goremonger-148438448533205/
Organ Trail – https://www.facebook.com/XOrganTrailX/

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