DESERTED FEAR Interviewed Mar 9 2019 on by the Vampire on the Bloodshed MMR Int.

Back in 2012, a trio of young decendants out of Eisenberg (fondly called “Iron Hill”) were ready to bow to their ancestors of the death metal old school, whilst letting them know the meaning of innovation.

Deserted Fear is:
Manuel Glatter – Vocals, Guitar |
Fabian Hildebrandt – Guitar, Bass |
Simon Mengs – Drums

After the Vampire Metal Messiah Radio interviewed the band 2 years ago for their debute album: “My Empire” second album “Kingdom Of Worms” and their just released album at that time “Dead Shores Rising” an the bands career, here we are again with our 2nd interview with Deserted Fear for their brand new album “Drowned by Humanity”
their second effort with Century Media Records.

“Drowned By Humanity” was released on Feb 8th via Century Media Records.

“Drowned By Humanity” tracking list:
1- Intro1:42
2- All Will Fall3:48
3- An Everlasting Dawn3:33
4- The Final Chapter4:08
5- Reflect the Storm3:48
6- Across the Open Sea0:27
7- Welcome to Reality4:18
8- Stench of Misery 3:57
9- A Breathing Soul4:20
10- Sins from the Past3:19
11- Scars of Wisdom5:16
12 – Die in Vain*
13 – Tear of My Throne (re-recorded) *

ith “Drowned By Humanity”, Deserted Fear hoist the sails off to emotions for the first time, establishing a forcing contrast to their gigantic groove grenades. This newly found variety is not only bigger than ever, it is striking and captivating. This time no less than the Swedish producer Henrik Udd took them by the hand who stands out for inventing the Swedish Death Metal sound with bands like In Flames, At The Gates, Soilwork and Arch Enemy.

DESERTED FEAR‘s fourth full-length “Drowned By Humanity” is a brilliant step forward from 2017’s Dead Shores Rising, showcasing stronger song-writing all around. Though Drowned By Humanity does lack innovation in pushing death metal forward, and does feel a little safe at times, this is a masterclass in just how much fun old-school death metal can be.

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