Nirnaeth Marbas Interviewed Oct 27th 2018

“NIRNAETH” was formed in 2001 by Mutill (guitars) and Malaria (bass) decided to create a Metal band with their most extreme influences : Morbid Angel, Immortal, Lord Belial, Dissection, etc., After two acclaimed albums “Thrown Athwart the Darkness” in 2006 Indenpendently and “Splendour of the Abyss in 2009 via Great Dane Records, “NIRNAETH” are back with their debut Malpermesita release.

Malaria Bassist
Mutill Guitarist
Ziqouille Vocalist –
Vagorn Drummer
Marbas Guitarist.

‘From Shadow To Flesh’ was released on September 7th 2018. It’s a concept album dealing with possession, from 2 perspectives, A deal is signed with Malpermesita Records.
1 Dying Of The Day 5:22
2 Been There Before 3:38
3 The Crater 3:31
4 Cursed 5:10
5 In Nomine Ego 5:15
6 Nihil In Me 4:20
7 Once A Shadow 3:26
8 Possession 4:29
9 Forgotten And Chained 4:18

“From Shadows To Flesh” confirms ’Nirnaeth” evolution towards a more blackened death metal approach with hints of black/thrash without loosing of their former black metal aggressiveness.

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