WRETCHED FATE Interviewed Mar 16th 2019 on TMB MMR Int

WRETCHED FATE Interviewed Mar 16th 2019 on TMB MMR Int.

What started as a one time thing in the vein of old school Swedish death metal soon developed into a journey of it’s own kind, creating and sharing the music we love. Heavy, brutal, fast death metal!

Wretched Fate initially began in Dalarna, Sweden, as a two-man project in 2016, involving Mats Andersson (Guitar) and Adrian Selmani (Vocals). While missing the Swedish Death Metal “heyday” due to their age, books like “Swedish Death Metal” and “Blood Fire Death” fueled the duo’s collective passion and enthusiasm alongside Mats fascination with horror movies of the 70’s and 80’s. These influences would become the cornerstone of what Wretched Fate has come to represent.

Soon after recording the first tracks of what would become Wretched Fate’s debut album “Fleshletting”, Robin Magnusson (Bass) of Incised caught interest in the project. With Mats and Adrian’s desire to turn Wretched Fate into a full-time band, Robin as well as Incised drummer Samuel Karlstrand were added to the line-up.

Adrian Selmani – Vocals
Mats Andersson – Guitars
Robin Magnusson – Bass
Samuel Karlstrand – Drums

Swedish Death Metal outfit Wretched Fate released their debut album :Fleshletting” on February 22nd 2019 via Redefining Darkness Records.

Wretched Fate’s Fleshletting tracking list :

1. Wretched Fate [4:47]
2. Only Death to Abide [4:56]
3. Altars of Misery [3:15]
4. Fear Expulsion [6:05]
5. Taker of Souls [3:32]
6. Writhe [5:15]
7. Hived Mind [3:22]
8. Fleshletting [6:54]
9. Ominous Shadow [3:39]
10. Heading for Beheading [3:17]
11. Epitaph [6:34]
12. Split Tongue Illumination [5:41]

Wretched Fate certainly deliver on the promise of the meeting of old and new school death metal with Fleshletting.

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