HELEVORN Josep Brunet Interviwed Mar 23rd 2019 on TMB MMR Int

Josep thank you very much for taking time out for this interview and welcome to the Metal Bloodshed with the Vampire on Metal Messiah Radio International.

Helevorn has been depressing the world with emotionally-wrought doom/dark metal since 1999. The band started in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), with Samuel (guitars), Josep (vocals), and Marc (bass). They made the first steps and completed the line-up with Xavi (drums), Eva (keyboards), Raul (guitars) and Luisa (female vocals). With the first finished songs they recorded a promo CD called Prelude in winter of 2001. It was their presentation letter, written with a Gothic-Doom style with female vocals, reminding bands like TRISTANIA or THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, and with a very good acceptance in the underground press.

Josep it was vey nice meeting you and the whole band for the very first time live at Gothoom Open Air which was held from the 21 to 23rd of July 2016 in Slovakia.

Band members:
Josep Brunet – Vocals.
Samuel Morales – Guitar.
Xavi Gil – Drums.
Enrique Sierra – Keys.
Sandro Vizcaino – Guitar.
Guillem C. M – Bass.

The bands debut album “Fragments”, self released in October 2005, recorded at Ona Digital Studios (Mallorca), and mastered at Finnvox Studios (Finland) by Mika Jussila and sounding more solid, and get also transmit a dark, heavy and melancholic sound. “Fragments” has obtained excellent reviews in several Metal Magazines, then, HELEVORN was touring around Spain since November 2005 in cities like Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Burgos, Tarragona, Valladolid and Guadalajara, Spain.

HELEVORN second album “Forthcoming Displeasures”, was released on Feb 8 2010 via BadMoonMan Music.

“Forthcoming Displeasures” was recorded at Urban Studios in Palma Spain, produced by Jens Bogren and Johan Ornborg, also producers of bands like KATATONIA, OPETH, DRACONIAN, PARADISE LOST, etc… taking an important step in their musical style, emphasizing a more intense and heavy sound, being more forceful and deep, becoming second best Doom Metal album of the year at Metal-storm.

“Compassion Forlorn” has been released on Sep 22 2014 again by BadMoodMan Music.

With “Compassion Forlorn” the Spanish group continued the line started with the previous album «Forthcoming Displeasures», Mourning and melancholy piercing the music and clean vocals diluted with mournful growl go far beyond the frames of doom / gothic metal, touching the strings of heart of any fan of dark and emotional music.

After the release of “Compassion Forlorn” the band played in several gigs and festivals over Europe such as Gothoom Open Air (Slovakia), Metal Over Malta, Doom Rotten Death (Berlin, GER), Madrid is the Dark Fest IV, supporting Draconian in London, touring around Eastern Europe during ten days supporting the Danish band Saturnus, Full Metal Holidays (organized by Wacken), etc.

The new album “Aamamata” released on January 23rd of 2019 again via Solitude/BadMoodMan.

“Aamamata” is the bands fourth full-length album. It embraces nine long lasting pieces in over 57 minutes. The fact that Helevorn are coming from the Mediterranean shores adds a lot of speciality both to their music and to their lyrical content likewise.

Aamamata tracking list:
01. A Sail To Sanity
02. Goodbye, Hope
03. Blackened Waves
04. Aurora
05. Forgotten Fields
06. Nostrum Mare (Et Deixo Un Pont De Mar Blava)
07. Once Upon A War
08. The Path To Puya
09. La Sibil·la

“Aamamata” It’s a bit more epic, more intense and it keeps the personality of the previous albums and recoded again at Psychosomatic Studios with M.A Riutort + Jens Bogren mastering the disc.

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