ONSLAUGHT Nige Rockett Interviewed on Mar 30th 2019 on TMB MMR

Nige Rockett interviewed on March 30th 2019 by the Vampire on Metal Bloodshed, Messiah Radio International.

ONSLAUGHT formed in Bristol England in 1983 with their first album released in 1985, “Power from Hell,” despite showing some signs of thrash, also had a strong influence of hardcore punk, “The Force,” released just a year later in 1986, was regarded as a masterpiece of the Thrash genre, and right after the bands third album released in 1989 “In Search of Sanity,” the band’s broke up for a good while in 1991. They reunited in 2004 and released the solid “Killing Peace” in 2007 through Candlelight Records.

The band released 3 albums since their refromation: ’Killing Piece” in 2007, “Sounds of Violence in 2011 and “VI” in 2013 all three proved to be more heavier and darker but, however “VI” is Onslaught’s best of all the three and probably the band greatest achievement so far.
You made the statement after the album was released that “’VI” is the most brutal and technical album ONSLAUGHT has ever made, no question. It’s old school, it’s contemporary and it’s fucking aggressive in the extreme.

ONSLAUGHT’s sixth album, “VI”, was released on September 20 via AFM Records.
1- A new world order 0:36

2- Chaos is king 4:05

3- Fuel for my fire 5:05

4- Children of the sand 6:04

5- Slaughterize 4:01

6- 66 fucking 6 5:11

7- Cruci-fiction 5:08

8- Dead man walking 4:05

9- Enemy of my enemy 5:09

Nige the 2007 release “Killing Piece” was produced at Backstage Studio in Derbyshire, England by Andy Sneap, while the 2011 release ”Sounds Of Violence” was recorded and mixed at Hansen Studio in Ribe, Denmark by Jacob Hansen and for ‘VI” the mixed was done by Thomas “Plec” Johansson (TIAMAT, SCAR SYMMETRY) at Panic Room studios in Skara, Sweden.

ONSLAUGHT released a concert CD/DVD, “Live At The Slaughterhouse”, in February 2016 via AFM. The 13-song set captured two performances in the U.K.

On March 8th ONSLAUGHT released its first new material in six years “A Perfect Day To Die” as an Official Music Video via AFM Records.

“The track has been mixed by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, U.D.O., EVERGREY) and produced by ourselves and Pete Hinton (SAXON).

Onslaught current Line-Up is:
Sy Keeler – Vocals
Nige Rockett – Guitar
Wayne Dorman – Guitar
Jeff Williams – Bass
James Perry – Drums

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