Wadge – Grindcore Lu’au FULL ALBUM (2011 – Grindcore / Powerviolence / Surf / Noise)

Great grind band from Canada formed in 1991, combining grindcore with hardcore, noise, powerviolence and surf rock. This is their 5th full-length.

Released on January 2011 by Grindcore Karaoke (digital format only).

01.[00:00] In Stink of Arrivals (Immortal Flights)
02.[00:46] Grindcore Lu’au
03.[02:16] Extremity Jet-Planed / Eyes of Crust / Obstinate Erection
04.[05:32] Basking Under the Great Frost of the Eternal Hawai’ian Winter
05.[07:27] Beneath the Lagoon
06.[08:37] Drink for a Minute (Suffer the Distilled Men)
07.[09:14] Deadly Curse
08.[11:11] Big Wave Grindcore Slack Attack
09.[12:44] Polluted Hinds (Mai Tais Above)
10.[13:35] That Little Grass Shack
11.[14:41] Lost Kingdom of the Menehune
12.[15:47] Forgotten Cult of the Peoples Tiki Temple
13.[18:04] Gurgle of the Wayward Wind
14.[20:21] Lucid Jeri Curl
15.[21:04] Monsters of Honolulu
16.[22:20] Tiki Battalion Unleashed
17.[25:41] My Sweet Hawai’i
18.[28:21] Pineapple Sickness
19.[31:00] Sharpen the Chisels
20.[32:10] Ten Tiny Toes Would Be Sick!
21.[33:40] Frenzied Surfication
22.[34:48] Demon Dogs of Waikiki
23.[38:07] Vestige of Surfly Remains

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