Phyllomedusa – Fijian Fantasies FULL ALBUM (2019 – Goregrind / Sludge)

Hyperproductive one-man frognoise band from from Annapolis, Maryland, USA. Formed in 2007 by Big Frog, Phyllomedusa has released over 240 albums of amphibian-worship noise. Their style vary from gorenoise/goregrind to sludge/doom metal and from harsh noise to drone/ambient. This is the 3rd and final part of the awesome Fijian trilogy albums.

Self-released (CD, cassette and digital format) on April 2019.

01.[00:00] One More A Gudgeon To Unalterable Pruney Vasoconstriction (In From The Storm)
02.[01:44] Gulf Inertia
03.[04:37] Soaking In The Sun Among The Reek Of The Breezes (Peeking At The Discarded Ossein Flow Through The Crystal Clear Water)
04.[08:38] Mass Murder In Paradise
05.[11:30] Yasawa Archipelago
06.[14:57] I Grate The Forehead Along The Live Coral To The Point Of Lubricity
07.[21:33] Suckling Roughneck Served In Seclusion With Exotic Languor Near The Mangroves Of Suva (S.O.s.)
08.[26:43] Voodoo Bled Cacosternum/My Grand Discovery Of Refuge In The Coconut Husk

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