LAHMIA Flavio Gianelo & Andrea Torre Interviewed on April 6th 2019 on TMB MMR Int

Lahmia born in the year of 2001 in Rome, Lazio, Italy, with the will to turn their own emotions into music: melancholy, aggressiveness, elegance and violence characterize the band’s sound from the beginning. The band mix in a unique way their multiple influences (Swedish and USA death metal, black metal, doom and thrash metal) filtered through their own emotions to achieve a powerful yet melancholic sound.

With an stable line up in 2007 with Amèris on vocals – you Flavio Gianello lead guitar – Samuele Piacenti rhythm guitar – Corrado Ciaccia bass and Fabio Cesarini drummer the first EP “An Eternal Memory” was released receiving excellent feedback.
In 2008 the second EP “Forget Every Sunrise” was released receiving great reviews from the music press and being nominated top demo in the Italian editions of Metal Hammer, Rock Hard and Metal Maniac.

Current band members:
Amèris: All Vocals
Flavio Gianello: Lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars
Corrado Ciaccia: Bass guitars
Andrea Torre: Drums

The bands brand new album “Resilence” was relelease on January 18th 2019 via Scarlet Records.

The album starts with “Elegy For A Dying Sun” which is a profoundly powerful opening song, a battle anthem of hook-driven pedal-point riffing and lead guitar that loops in and out of phase with the opening riff.  Full of energy and conviction.

Resilence tracking list:
1. Elegy of a Dying Sun
2. Her Frantic Call
3. Divide et Impera
4. The Frayed Lines of Time
5. Void of Humiliation
6. The Age of Treason
7. Limitless
8. Existential Vastness

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